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Guide Play Corner Kick Bets in Football Betting

Post by reborn01790 » 23.08.2023 10:32:40

Corner kick bets in football are becoming increasingly favored by many bettors. Besides offering an opportunity for bettors to exploit the bookmakers' lack of understanding or oversight of the intricate details and the fluctuation of odds in direct corner kick betting, another reason sharp bettors would choose this specific type of bet is its potential profitability.

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Corner kick betting in football is vastly different from other markets like 1X2 or Handicap betting. Corner kick betting can potentially be a more enticing option for bettors compared to the conventional bets. Reputable bookmakers will provide three different types of corner kick bets—Over/Under, Handicap, and Money Line—across various football leagues.
Over/Under Corner Kick Betting:
In Over/Under corner kick betting, the bookmaker sets a number for the expected total number of corners, and bettors can choose whether they believe the actual number of corners in the match will be above or below that number.
Example of an Over/Under corner kick bet:
How many corners will Barcelona have in this match?
Over 8.5 corners (9 or more): 1.890
Under 8.5 corners (8 or fewer): 1.890
In this case, a bettor can wager on Barcelona winning 9 or more corners in the match at odds of 1.890 or on Barcelona winning 8 or fewer corners at the same odds of 1.890.
Corner Handicap Betting:
This is a form of betting similar to Handicap betting in football, basketball, or any other sports—bookmakers assign one team an advantage (represented by a positive value) and the other team a disadvantage (represented by a negative value) to counteract the initial mismatch.
Example of corner handicap betting:
West Ham +3 corners: 1.7
Manchester City -3 corners: 2.1
In this example, for a match between West Ham United and Manchester City, West Ham is given a +3 corner handicap, and Manchester City is given a -3 corner handicap. For the bet on Manchester City to win, they must have at least 4 more corners than West Ham. For the bet on West Ham to win, they need to have more or an equal number of corners compared to Manchester City, or fewer than 2 corners fewer than Manchester City.

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Corner Money Line Betting:
The Money Line corner bet is simple—it's just betting on which of the two teams will win more corners within the 90-minute duration of a match.
Helpful Tips for Playing Corner Kick Bets:
Statistical Analysis of Corner Kicks:
The average number of corners per game for each team, both when they play at home and away, should be taken into account. For instance, Tottenham averages 8.83 corners in their home matches, but when playing away, their average corners increase to 13.12. Access all our statistics and betting tips by subscribing.
Applying Statistical Insights:
Let's say there's a match between Everton and Tottenham this weekend. Everton typically wins an average of 5.86 corners when playing at home, contributing to an average of 9.43 corners per match. Meanwhile, Tottenham usually earns an average of 5.88 corners per away match, contributing to an average of 13.12 corners per match when they're the visiting team.
These statistics provide several insights. Firstly, both teams play attacking football, resulting in a good number of corners per match—a promising start for corner kick betting. Secondly, looking at the corner kick differentials, Everton seems to concede fewer corners than Tottenham.
Calculating the Bets:
Two methods can be used to interpret this data: the average corner kicks per match method and the team's average corner kicks method. Both should be used since they complement each other.
Average corner kicks per match method: (Everton's average corners at home + Tottenham's average corners away) / 2 = 11.28. This tells us that there could be around 11.28 corners in the match based on the average of the matches the two teams have participated in so far.
Team's average corner kicks method: (Everton's average corners at home + Tottenham's average corners away) = 11.74. This tells us that solely relying on the teams' average corners, the match could see around 11.74 corners.

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The above insights from Wintips on how to effectively play corner kick bets are a must-know for new players. Best of luck!
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